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October Hell

so... well.... life has been crap for the couple of weeks.  Wednesday (Oct 17th) there was a town hall meeting where they talked about budget problems. That Thursday my temp agency came in and told us about a Sigma (the company I was under contract with) policy change that affects our abilities to have contracts with them and then Friday,
I got cut.  They said it was the things that had been talked about before in addition to poor team work, lack of volunteering but also that they didn't see the position ever becoming permanent.  I think it was the latter combined with them already having an excuse.  i just hate that i never got to say goodbye to anyone.  they told me, watched me pack up my desk and marched me out.

Then the next Thursday (Oct 25th) when about to start working on correcting typos on my resume, my laptop took a dive off the edge of the bed and cracks the DC in port, knocking the central piece out and cracking the case.  Then my little tablet ([purchased Oct 7th, delivered Oct 11th] to game and do 'net and typing on the run) refused to connect to the internet at home and eventually i ended up at a McDonald's for it to even start researching a fix.  I think I'll be able to fix it for about $50 or $60 bucks + shipping with the help of eBay but... much suckage!

Oh, and as I sent out text to feel less alone and miserable as I was doing all that and got absolutely no response from anybody.... later to find out that was because AT&T botched up fixing my mom's phone in that they took off texting from the family plan.... That got resolved on Monday, but lots of conflict happened between those two dates in the form of people thinking I was snubbing them ect).

Let's see... oh and that Friday in the sequence I picked up mail from my parents and the LD got a letter there from the state of Texas telling him that he'd been named in a child support case for a kid born three days before our wedding.  There's a good chance he's going to have to participate in a paternity test in this case.  The last dead-beat-dad suit brought against my husband (a few months after we started dating) he was supposed to be 60lbs lighter, a different nationality and 6 inches shorter than he really is... and even then we ended up having to threaten a liable suit for it to get dropped.  I'm not looking fofrward to the next few weeks with that either.....

anyway, I ended up using the LD's old laptop (having eventually thought to dig it out of the 'almost dead' electronics pile but am tethered in place as it's battery is non existent) as he was out of town that horrible Thursday, he got home Friday and left again on Monday.  The resume did get fixed and sent off.  The new part got in Tuesday and i was chomping at best buy's doors as they opened to get my laptop fixed.

Yesterday i spent 3 hours of the day with the company I got my tablet from, explaining to them that I got a lemon and just needed it replaced (more than just internet issues cropped up as it became my primary use item).  They originally were not going to replace it -- because it had been 21 days since i ordered it.  I verbally twisted them into agreeing since i hadn't had it 21 days.  I still haven't gotten information about the new one shipping, however, so I'm going to have to call again tomorrow and see what is up with that.  I also had to reset the other one to factory default settings and it is most definetly not connecting to the 'net enough that I can even use it as a twitter resource anymore..... or get apps re-downloaded on the first try....

So the plus side:  I am glad my temp agency is still going to represent me and if i can get another contract before the end of the year, i should get a year end bonus.... because i actually have to be under contract in December to be eligible and it's at least $1000 bonus, i think. I'd hate to have all that work under minded, you know?

I did get to see the LD today, for a few hours as he was passing through from one job sit to another... and I did get some writing done today.  Even if I am not doing Nanowrimo, i am going to work to make writing a daily part of my life again.  I miss the stability of it.  I'm also using it as an outlet for my frustation and a tool to work through this emotional crap.

just thought i'd send out an update.

hope things are going well with you.
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