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The Plan!

So it has been a wild and crazy last few weeks.

So June 18th to the 20th I got sent out on a business trip (crazy bit of that is that I'm still a temp).  Came back from that and dove into the build up on my desk (imagine a snowball of stress fighting successfully against 100+ degree heat because yeah, my area has been breaking records for consecutive record breaking highs).

Then I got to go Chicago with tinachristopher. That was a blast! Tina and I walked all over the place seeing things like the Planetarium, the Art Museum, and even made it to the top of the Hancock Center . It was a lot of fun and I had a great time getting un-crispy from work. That trip was from the 30th of June to the 4th of July.  Oh, and we worked on some writing too ;) It was more like a retreat with writing than a writing retreat, but that's okay. I think it did us both good. We were already talking about a repeat trip sometime in the nebulous future.

After getting back, I then had to quickly clear my desk of work again and leave with the LD for an event in Texas with his family.  We left the Friday after I got back from Chicago.  Very whirlwind.  I had some anxiety about the trip as a family member seemed to be trying to kick up the dust that I thought had finally settled after the wedding stress ended but to no avail.  It was a great trip with no extra drama that I saw.  I met the matriarch of the LD family and it seemed to go well, eventually involving sports talk as well as wedding photos.  I also was able to hang out with "the cousins" which is the generation of relatives that Mike and I fall into.  That was fun as well.  I believe we shall attempt to do that again in the future.

I took the train up and back on both of the non work trips and had quite an adventure.  (Surpisingly the most productive time was spent on the extended trip of going to chicago where I managed to make a flowchart of my story's back story).  Those stories are for a different time... and may be modified to involve an element of the paranormal ;)

But now that my road tripping time is over, the LD's work has chosen to send him out of town for an un-determinate length of time.  Right now we are working on a philosophy of "2 weeks gone and maybe at least a weekend back" for the next 3 months.  I do not believe this a fair balance to the business trip I went on nor the too short time I spent in Chicago.

Last night I bummed around the condo, feeling like an interloper when it is technically my home... and ended up sleeping like the newly-woken dead.  Can't be doing that.  So now I plan to use that over active imagination that made big things of bumps of the night to distract me from the too big bed and put the work of the train rides and the time in Chicago and the many pages of random writing ideas to use and try to bang out progress on this story! (imitates roaring crowd)

I will attempt to check back in regularly with updates.  We'll see how well that happens but feel free to poke me or bash me over the head or whatever is necassary :)

Starting Wordcount: 17,775 (um yeah... too big for a short story, I'm thinking... novella?  novel?  anyone placing bets?)
Tags: job, ld, wip, wordcount, writing
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