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2 Weeks out

The wedding is swiftly approaching.

Last minute things are falling into place and hopefully not too many important things are falling off the radar.  My in-laws are getting extra practice in stressing me out... and while I know they mean well, communication does not seem to be a skill we share equally and with the same level of *insert political phrase here* attached to that.

But it is a comin' this wedding day and I'm excited and apprehensive.  The wedding isn't turning out as attended as we anticipated but that's okay.  Neither the Lovable Distraction nor I are particularly comfortable in large crowds.

I'm super excited about my out of town friends that will be coming in as well as the time no-longer wedding planning will afford for me to go back to writing.... and finally living at one address and coming home each evening to snuggle each evening with one I love who is larger than a cat.  I look forward to a sense of stability and the adventure this will bring.

Anyway.  I wanted off a little note while I had the moments, as I have been neglecting this side of the journal something aweful and have opted to rectify that oversite.

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