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So audible is having a 50% off book sale at audible and seeing as I'm employed, i'm probably going to go a little book crazy.

i already have 2 (Darke: Septimus Heap 6 Angie by  and The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong) and there are a few others that I'm drooling over and debating.  I've been re-listening to the Septimus Heap books at work this week and last in prep for Darke.  I'm loving that I can get books consumed while earning my paycheck.  So I'm not exactly "reading" right now but I am consuming literature !

However, the book I am super super stoked about that is coming out is sampled below.  It's the 3rd book in the Beka Cooper series and just the way Susan Denaker reads it breathtaking. So I have opted to share.  The audio sample is below.  I really hope it gets to be in the 50% off sale too -- even if I have the hard back coming on Tuesday.

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