November 1st, 2012

Wendy Alone

October Hell

so... well.... life has been crap for the couple of weeks.  Wednesday (Oct 17th) there was a town hall meeting where they talked about budget problems. That Thursday my temp agency came in and told us about a Sigma (the company I was under contract with) policy change that affects our abilities to have contracts with them and then Friday,
I got cut.  They said it was the things that had been talked about before in addition to poor team work, lack of volunteering but also that they didn't see the position ever becoming permanent.  I think it was the latter combined with them already having an excuse.  i just hate that i never got to say goodbye to anyone.  they told me, watched me pack up my desk and marched me out.

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So the plus side:  I am glad my temp agency is still going to represent me and if i can get another contract before the end of the year, i should get a year end bonus.... because i actually have to be under contract in December to be eligible and it's at least $1000 bonus, i think. I'd hate to have all that work under minded, you know?

I did get to see the LD today, for a few hours as he was passing through from one job sit to another... and I did get some writing done today.  Even if I am not doing Nanowrimo, i am going to work to make writing a daily part of my life again.  I miss the stability of it.  I'm also using it as an outlet for my frustation and a tool to work through this emotional crap.

just thought i'd send out an update.

hope things are going well with you.
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