April 18th, 2012

Krosp Innocent


So as is the great balance in the universe, now that the Lovable Distraction and I can relax, we both have scratchy throats, he's sneezing his lungs out, and we are universally tired....

....but we did find a great place to cuddle and relax and at least we don't have major events arranged and prepaid for.  Yesterday we picked up 19 bottles of wine, some presents for friends (ex: jalapeno jelly for spice loving friend) and groceries (since we have a full kitchen).

We slept till they almost closed the breakfast downstairs today (I scrambled into jeans and a hoodie and darted down to get some additional supplies for the LD and I).  He's currently in the kitchen making food (and just set off the smoke detectors, but luckily not the fire alarm) and I believe our largest plan for the day is to travel 2 towns north and hit a bookstore.  and nap.

Over the next couple of days We plan to hit at least 3 more wineries and make sure out collection is truely and properly swelled before we head back on Sunday.

well, brunch is just about done so I'll be signing off.

i think while we have naptime scheduled today, I might crack open a notebook or word doc if I can't sleep and just enjoy that snuggled against my husband (SQUEEEEEE!)

Thank you to everyone who helped with the wedding and just know we are thinking about you